5 traits of the Office Ambassador

During the hiring process, there is a focus on individual skills, talents, strengths, how a candidate can contribute to the workplace, and how well they can perform the job for which they are being hired. What is often overlooked is the importance for candidates to work well within the current team, as well as determining their fit for the workplace culture. Teamwork allows for individual talents to be utilized, but also requires all team members to communicate, cooperate, and work well together.

One of the roles of HR staff is to ensure their individual workers work well together, but this process is made easier when there are also employees who are skilled at helping to connect their colleagues with one another and bring the team together. Similar to international ambassadors, whose role is to help in the negotiation process between countries, an office ambassador helps to lead negotiations between colleagues and departments.They are also responsible for  maintaining open communication channels, and are familiar with workplace events and politics.

Here are 5 of the most common traits found in great office ambassadors.

1.Strong problem solving skills

When others may be stressed, the office ambassador remains calm in the face of adversity, helping their colleagues to accurately review the situation, consider all options, and engage in effective problem solving. They are then able to negotiate solutions in a strategic and diplomatic way.

2.Staying the course

Office ambassadors have a strong work ethic in their daily work life which translates well when faced with challenges.  They are able to focus on problems, prioritize what needs to be addressed, and apply creative approaches in order to identify the best solution. No matter how long it may take, office ambassadors keep working to solve problems until an aggregable outcome is achieved.

3.Confidence and Positivity

An office ambassador faces the most challenging of problems with confidence and a positive can-do attitude at a time when others may back away, become overwhelmed, or feel frustrated. This can-do approach and belief that a solution is possible helps them to engage in problem solving, stay the course, and face additional challenges with ease.

4.Interpersonal Dynamics

Perhaps the biggest asset of the office ambassador is their ability to pull people and teams together, enabling them to better communicate and solve problems. To achieve this, office ambassadors are skilled in communication, diplomacy, and have a solid understanding of interpersonal dynamics. They are often able to observe the type of communication taking place within the work group and can identify barriers to communication, thus steering the group in the right direction. They are able to do this without becoming an overbearing presence, and instead allow all employees to contribute and have their voice heard.

When working through workplace issues, challenges, or periods of transition, it should be noted that HR managers would be well served to identify and use their office ambassadors to facilitate open discussions, and help the company to work together to achieve its goals. 

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