Build a Strategic Framework: Mission Statement, Vision, Values

Having a clear strategic framework is important for both the company and employees. A framework which is clearly defined, including identifying how sub-goals contribute to the overarching aim of the company, provides guidance for staff at all levels. It helps employees understand how their role fits into that company’s mission statement, helping them to see the important contribution that their work is making to the companies aims. When the strategic framework, mission statement, vision, and values are transparent and communicated to employees, it can be a great way to build motivation and increase work satisfaction. Developing a strategic framework typically begins with understanding the company’s vision and goals. This includes where the company sees itself moving toward; and this document should, therefore, consist of immediate, intermediate, and long term future goals. Future goals can include ideals to which the company is aiming for. Company values are also developed at this stage, and these should include the company’s beliefs about the work they are trying to achieve, including how customers and staff will be valued.  

Once the company’s vision has been established, the next step is to develop the mission statement. This is a short, clear, and succinct translation of the company’s vision and should be communicated to all employees. The vision and mission statement play an important role in other administrative procedures which are typically built around these. For example, human resource departments can use the strategic framework to develop job descriptions, ensuring that the tasks and skills required of staff contribute in some way to helping the company achieve their goals. Similarly, when recruiting new hires, ensuring that the values of the staff match those of the company can ensure that there is a good match between the company and the employee. This is important, as it can help to improve staff retention.  

The strategic framework can guide the day-to-day running of the office, allowing managers and employees to refer to this in order to check if they are in line with company procedures. They can also provide criteria to which employees’ performance will be measured in performance reviews. A detailed strategic framework can provide a focus and a vision for all employees to aspire towards. It can also serve as an important evaluation and monitoring tool, helping departments to measure how well they are meeting company goals.

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