Employment & Income Verification

Automated Employment & Income Verification Process, Mitigates risk, reduce administrative burden & cost
EmpInfo offers the next-generation automated employment and income verification service on cloud (SaaS), mobile and automated (IVR) phone with the highest security and integrity.
Whenever employees apply for a loan/mortgage, credit card, automobile, job or state/federal government benefits as a consumer, the agencies processing such applications are required to verify with their employer(s) the employment status, earnings or eligibility. The current process is tedious and risky, challenging employers with:
 Ongoing administrative burden to HR / Payroll departments
 Identifying the credibility and authenticity of the requester
 Implementing consistent process across the organization
 Providing responses cautiously, timely and accurately
Employees are counting on their employers to fulfill their obligations in responding to these verification inquiries, since these events have a direct impact on their lives. As a result, employers are seeking better ways to process these requests securely to protect employee’s privacy, meet compliance guidelines, mitigate financial risks and cut administrative efforts that has no ROI.
EmpInfo’s verification process
EmpInfo’s employment verification solution automates and streamlines the entire verification process on a triple-secure cloud platform through simple and intuitive web, mobile and automated phone (IVR) interfaces, 24×7.
The EmpInfo verification solution is integrated with Unicorn payroll and benefits platform and is provided as a standard solution of our product offering. This value-added service is offered to Unicorn customers at no additional cost.
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Easily Fulfills Employer’s Responsibility
Provides accurately & instantly the employment status and earnings information to the authenticated verifiers, on-demand, on your behalf, for your current employees and former employees, and upon employee’s consent to ensure employee’s privacy and compliance. Also helps to fulfill eligibility requests from social service, immigration, Health and Human Services (HHS), and Workers’ Compensation agencies.
Saves Time & Money
Reduces HR /Payroll personnel’s administrative burden in responding to multiple phone, fax and email inquiries that results in direct operational cost savings to the employers.
Provides Security & Compliance
Increases security, mitigates risk and maintains privacy and compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). A full audit trail enables organizations to monitor all verification activities online. Employees control access to their records, provide online consent, receive email/text notifications and alert for increased privacy.
Increases Employee Satisfaction
Results in greater employee satisfaction by providing quicker and accurate response to the verifier’s request.

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