How HR can recruit talent from out-of- town

HR professionals are always looking to recruit the best possible talent for their organization.  That being said, some companies might find it difficult to do so due to where they are located. The locations of some businesses might be too remote for some prospective employees to consider working there and relocation and transitioning to living in a new area can be considered too difficult for some.  While the location of a company can be considered to be an obstacle, HR can attract out-of-town talent if they are able to show candidates that such a move can advance their careers.  Below are some ways that HR can best attract talent from out-of-Town.

Be aware of what the talent needs to do to work at your company

It is important for HR to be aware of some of the needs or requests that they may experience when working with employees who are relocating.  Either they want to work remotely, or they want to relocate with as little trouble or disruption to their lives as possible.  HR needs to empathize with these prospective employees and put themselves in their position so that they can better understand what this employee would need to do in order to work at the organization.  HR can do this by not only advertising the qualifications for the job, but also by presenting the prospective worker with a picture of what it would be like to work at the company, as well as discussing how the company can help resolve any problems relating to relocation.

Be clear with regard to company culture

Many prospective employees are discouraged by relocating, especially if they are working in an industry that does not necessitate them doing so. To overcome this, HR may need to show prospective talent how their company and its culture stand out from others and the pros of taking the risk to relocate and work for them.  HR can emphasize how their organization in one in which they can grow, with the relocation being a long-term investment. They can show how their organization is an ideal fit for the candidate and is supportive to both candidates’ personal and professional lives. This can help candidates determine if the risk of moving outweighs the benefits.

Show how your location is a positive

One of the best ways to convince someone to relocate is not only to show off your company, but also the company’s surrounding location. This is particularly important for candidates who are relocating with families and who need to ensure that their work, personal and educational needs are met. If your company is located in a place with sunny, warm weather, make sure to advertise to the employee the activities and events in the surrounding area that they can enjoy when not on the job.  Places which don’t necessarily have the climate on their side can advertise other activities, such as local attractions that stand out, or good places to dine or attend public and private events.  Doing so means that employees can consider your location, especially if they want to do something with their families while not on the job. Excellent school systems are a large draw for families with younger children and some organizations offer dual role benefits in which they help to place both the candidate and their spouse within the same company.

Maintain traditional recruiting

While cutting edge technologies and the most up-to-date digital resources can help any HR department find better talent, sometimes it’s best to go back to the traditional way of networking to convince out-of-towners to join with your organization.  Sometimes the best way to recruit is to go in-person to networking events in your region in order to give your company that personal touch that might stand out for an employee looking to work at a place where they feel they can belong.  By displaying passion for the company and a can-do attitude when engaging with possible talent at these events, you may find that prospective employee who is the perfect fit for the position in question.

Recruiting new talent from outside your immediate geographical position doesn’t need to be difficult.  By taking the necessary steps to attract out-of-town talent, HR professionals can not only find the best person for the job, but also enhance the company’s reputation as a great place to work.   

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