How Mobile Technology is transforming our approach to HCM

The advances in Human Resource technology are helping HR executives to manage their employees more successfully and improve the efficiency of many HR tasks. One of the latest additions to the HR industry is mobile technology, a trend which is here to stay. There are many HR tasks which can be easily transferred over to mobile platforms. Some of the most common areas include the use of mobile apps for recruitment, scheduling, and employee self-service.  When applied to recruitment, mobile apps can allow potential candidates to review job openings, apply to a position with one simple click, respond to interview requests, and even attend a virtual interview with their mobile camera.

HR managers are also looking for ways to use the mobile platform to manage their staff more effectively while reducing the administrative burden on their HR staff. For example, workforce management mobile apps, such as shift scheduling apps, allow employees to look for available work shifts, update their schedule, and submit requests for vacation or sick leave. These apps also allow managers to review staffing schedules to identify any staffing issues, as well as review time and attendance of their employees.  Consequently, these can be a great tool for managers who work across multiple sites. eTraining and eLearning are another great way to engage staff and ensure all workers have access to training. Online training platforms through mobile apps reduce the time taken for travel, and ensure that workers never miss training due to travel or working off site.

With the increased use of mobile devices by employees in their daily lives, more and more employees are expecting similar convenience in their work life and expect immediate access to work related information. Mobile apps, such as employee self-service apps, allow employees to update personal contact information, view their paychecks, and even apply for their employee benefits. The key is to allow employees immediate access to work related information in a seamless and convenient way.

Mobile technologies are also improving the way HR staff work.  These technologies help the staff to manage and streamline their own workflow more efficiently. HR managers can easily access centralized employee information and make updates to personnel records.  They can also view and update employee vacation requests, sick days, and create work ‘to do lists’ which can include assigning tasks to staff.  HR managers can also check the status of recent recruitment campaigns from any location.

Mobile technology is an area that cannot be ignored in HR. It can not only improve efficiency both within HR and the workforce, but it can also improve employee engagement. Mobile technology is a mainstay in the daily lives of the younger generation, a generation which expects immediate access to data. A forward thinking HR department recognizes this and embraces a shift towards mobile technology as part of attracting younger workers.

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