How to help your HR office to reach its full potential

The HR department is one of your company’s most important assets and one which continues to struggle with the number of responsibilities they are given. In addition to the traditional HR tasks, such as working to identify and hire top talent, retaining current employees, administrating time and attendance, payroll and benefits, there is increased pressure for HR managers to provide analytics and play a role in strategic business planning. For an HR department to be effective it is important that they are provided with the tools and resources to manage these multiple tasks.

Here are some tips on how to help your HR office to reach its full potential:

Support from Management

Lack of support from upper management is often cited as one of the biggest barriers to HR departments ability to achieve its goals. To address this, your management should be committed to learning about the needs of your HR department. Schedule monthly meetings with HR managers to communicate your company’s needs and request feedback on what budget, tools,and resources HR managers require in order to achieve these goals. With regular communication and direction, your HR Office will function more efficiently and have better success in achieving its goals.

Human Capital Management Solutions

HR departments have an increasing responsibility for the management and processing of multiple administrative tasks. These tasks can be labor intensive, distracting HR staff from higher end tasks such as talent acquisition and the collection of data needed to make key talent decisions. Fortunately, new technologies and platforms, such as integrated software platforms and single cloud-based solutions are specifically designed to automate these processes. Many Human Capital Management (HCM) products and HR software solutions can help your business increase efficiency. These products also provide analytic capabilities, HR marketing and recruitment software, payroll and benefit administration, and time and attendance software. Many HCM products can be configured and integrated with your company’s existing software and tailored to its individual needs. Moreover, the automation of these processes reduces the chance of costly mistakes, and can lessen HR’s workload by offering employee’s self-service modules, ultimately allowing workers to take responsibility for their own administration needs.  

Focus on Employee Retention

While recruiting new workers for your company is a vital task for your HR department, considering the cost associated with the recruitment and training of new employees, retaining existing employees and reducing employee turnover is equally as important, Unfortunately, many HR departments struggle with insufficient resources needed to retain employees. Providing your HR managers with the budget and ability to offer incentives, attractive benefits, and remuneration packages is important. With the right tools, HR can play a major role in ensuring your employees continue to work for you.

Listening to your HR department’s needs and providing them with the resources they require to achieve their goals help your HR office to reach its full potential, improve its productivity, and allows your HR department to better support you and your company’s goals.



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