Mobile is THE Platform, Not a Platform

As a society we are becoming increasingly mobile, accessing data and personal information from a variety of mobile devices and using these devices for more hours a day than ever before. This trend has greatly influenced how companies carry out their business with a particular impact on HR departments and traditional recruitment processes. There has also been a higher prevalence of employees engaging in job searching, accessing job applications, and initiating the recruitment process using their mobile devices. This is an important consideration for HR departments and as a result, mobile devices are no longer considered simply one type of platform, but rather they are now ‘the platform’ to utilize. In response to this, many companies are beginning to revise most, if not all of their HR administrative procedures to ensure that they are supported by mobile devices. Managers are also identifying new opportunities for marketing and outreaching to customer using mobile platforms.  HR Departments can now make use of applications which allow potential employees to access new openings within the company quickly and easily. 

With many customers and potential employees preferring mobile platforms over traditional platforms, companies that have failed to develop mobile strategies in advance may find that are not able to keep up with this trend. As timing can be vital in both identifying and attracting good talent, being restricted to managing the recruitment process from in-house software can result in a loss of opportunity to a company. Mobile platforms address this by enabling HR staff to manage the recruitment processes from any location. Mobile platforms are also revising how recruitment processes are carried out, with departmental managers and other staff now being able to collaborate and participate in the process irrespective of location. Many traditional recruitment sites including LinkedIn have already established ‘tap to apply’ features; therefore businesses which have not implemented mobile platform strategies run the risk of falling behind in a competitive market. Fortunately, for companies that are new to this arena, there are a variety of software consultancy agencies which specialize in mobile user interface and HR systems. They can help to analyze business needs, make recommendations for suitable mobile strategies, and provide ongoing management services.


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