Talent Management – Do you Do it and Does Your Company Have it?

Your HR department is responsible for a wide range of different tasks, all of them important.  From payroll to benefits administration, they certainly wear a lot of hats.  But one of the most important things that they should be focusing their energy on is actually one that many companies overlook.  Human resources talent management is absolutely integral to the future of a company, and if your HR department isn't focused on human resources talent management then you may very well be struggling to stay relevant in the marketplace already.  That's because human resources talent management is one of the single most vital aspects of a successful company.  It's an in depth system, but still a fairly easy one to understand and to implement.

Basically, human resources talent management is a combination of different techniques that an HR department will utilize to attract the best new hires, integrate them into the company, train and develop their skills, and retain them throughout the lifespan of the company.  Human resources talent management is the biggest weapon in the modern 'war for talent', and as competition for the best workers becomes more and more fierce the need for good human resources talent management becomes more and more evident.  There are some basic principles behind human resources talent management that you should review to ensure your company is staying competitive.

  • Talent acquisition is the biggest hurdle for most companies that are focusing on human resources talent management.  Attracting the best new hires is important, and there are countless strategies and tools you can use to help you find success at it.
  • Integration, or onboarding, is important as well.  Good human resources talent management will ensure that a new employee fits into their place at the company quickly and becomes a part of the team.
  • If you want your human resources talent management efforts to really pay off, training and developing all of your employees is equally vital.  Whether it's simple skill training or overall department team building exercises, developing your talent will really pay off in the long run.
  • And all of those human resources talent management efforts are in vain if you can't keep your employees.  Today, over sixty percent of employees in some surveys say that their benefits are as important as their pay.  Additionally, feeling like they're respected by their employers also fits into their overall happiness with their job position.  In short, keep all three of those things in mind to keep your talent on your team.

The truth is that human resources talent management isn't as difficult as it sounds.  Just tracking employee performance, making adjustments, and helping them feel like they're valued is often enough to build a great team that can lead your company into the future.

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