The Rise in Popularity of Employee Self-Service Portals

As technology has improved, employee-operated portals that enable tracking of pay and benefits information have grown in popularity for businesses across a number of verticals. More than two thirds of employees report that they take advantage of this type of portal, with most preferring to access their information at home or on personal devices rather than through their employer.

Work-life balance is a growing priority for many in the workforce, and helping employees create that balance is generally very much appreciated. Employees who feel like they have some control when it comes to their employment and benefits also feel that they are valued by their employers, and as a result they are likely to be more connected to their workplace. By giving employees the autonomy and independence to access their own information when and where they want it, without having to put in a request or work through employer-operated portals, you will create an environment that is very attractive to employees and candidates for employment.

Seamless interconnectivity between departments is essential to the implementation of this kind of technology. While Human Resources will oversee its deployment, it also relies on IT, finance, payroll, and various other departments to run smoothly, accurately, and on-time. Without this, there is a risk of employees becoming confused or frustrated – the opposite of what the program means to accomplish. By first ensuring you have a strong interdepartmental communication system, you can be sure that your organization will be able to take advantage of this technology to encourage employee engagement with and foster a positive environment of transparency.

Employee-operated portals also have the benefit of making personnel feel they have a higher level of trust from their employers. With access to the technology that tracks, updates, and manages their pay and benefits information, employees feel like they have been given the equivalent of a higher security clearance from their employers. Businesses that encourage and cultivate this type of transparency between employer and employee tend to enjoy higher levels of employee satisfaction.

It’s easy to understand why employee self-service portals have risen in popularity in recent years. Enabling employees to access pay and shift schedules, time tracking, and benefits information on their own creates a more transparent environment, allows employees control of their own work-life balance, and creates a more personalized experience in terms of accessing their information. It’s a win for both employer and employee.

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