Unicorn HRO Adds API Integration to Extend Functionality of iCON HR Platform

Florham Park, N.J., (July 25, 2017) – Unicorn HRO, an industry leader offering fully integrated human resources, benefits, and payroll solutions, today announced the availability of an application programmer interface (API) for its iCON Human Resources Information System (HRIS) platform.

The new API integration effectively streamlines and simplifies a broad range of workflow processes and tasks, allowing organizations to integrate functionality from other third-party applications. As a result, the iCON platform can be further utilized as a centralized, end-to-end HR hub to automate activities such as talent acquisition, onboarding, payroll and benefits changes, facilities management, and other HR processes.

“Today’s organizations rely on many applications to run their business,” stated Edward J. Gettings, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Operations at Unicorn HRO. “Through our API integration, iCON can now receive information from other applications or fulfill requests and send data to others, allowing organizations to create and configure complex workflows that automate processes.”

According to Unicorn HRO, there are many use cases where API integration can be applied to human capital management. By linking iCON to other third-party systems, human resources and other departments can eliminate manual processing, accelerate response times, and improve the overall employee experience while reducing costs.

Talent Acquisition

Linking iCON with a talent acquisition application can streamline the onboarding process when a candidate is hired. The personal information from job candidates can be transferred instantly between systems eliminate data entry and potential errors.  The data collected can then be utilized to trigger services such as the procurement of IT assets and payroll setup.

Time and Attendance

Integrating time and attendance systems with iCON automates payroll processing and enables the user to better maintain salary, hour transfers, deductions, and withholdings. Software integration ensures that employees are receiving the correct contributions into their retirement funds.

Benefits Administration

Since APIs eliminate most manual data entry, the enrollment process in healthcare and retirement plans is significantly more efficient for employers and employees. Data can be filtered from HR to the respective systems and third-party providers, ensuring that an employee's benefits are always up-to-date.

Access Control & Facilities Management

Organizations with security procedures use access control systems to manage who is granted access to buildings, workspaces and facilities. These systems can be synchronized with employee directories maintained by iCON, thus when employees are added or removed, their access privileges will be synchronized automatically.

About Unicorn HRO

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Florham Park, N.J., Unicorn HRO specializes in fully integrated and configurable benefits, payroll and human resources technology solutions. With industry-leading client retention, Unicorn HRO currently services mid-sized and large organizations, representing over 300,000 end users. Unicorn HRO also has offices in Durham, NC, Seattle, WA, Houston and Dallas, TX.


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