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Make the Most of Your Investment

Investing in an industry-leading human capital management platform is a step in the right direction, but to get the most of your investment HR administrators will need to be proficient with it. Unicorn HRO offers free online training on a range of topics for operators of all skill levels, allowing them to start with the basics and build a solid foundation to learn about more advanced functions.

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Course Name Skill Level Description

Shopping Benefits for Employees

December 10, 2019; 4-4:30 pm ET.

Beginner Paycheck Works gives employees the opportunity to purchase the latest name brand products like computers, electronics, home appliances, and furniture through payroll. Participants make manageable payments with no ballooning interest or hidden fees. And, unlike layaway, they receive their merchandise just a few days after the order is placed. Register to learn more. (30 min.)

Automate Verification, Monitoring, and Management of Credentials

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Beginner Atlas Certified has developed a fully automated platform to verify, monitor, and deliver change in status notifications of all state-issued professional licenses. Working across a broad spectrum of verticals ranging from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to insurance, Atlas delivers complete transparency of the license status throughout an organization including employees, partners, and subcontractors. Join us to see how your company could increase compliance and reduce liability all while eliminating the time and expense of this manual process. (30 min.)

Simplify Employment & Income Verification

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Beginner Are you inundated with requests to verify employment and income? Unicorn HRO offers this web-based solution, powered by EmpInfo, as a standard solution included in their integrated product offering. During this webinar, you will learn how the automated employment verification service reduces workloads for HR & Payroll departments, eliminates backlog, mitigates business risk, and provides better service to your employees. (60 min.)

Performance & Development Webinar

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Beginner Learn how to increase employee engagement and employee profits with Performance Management and Development tools that your modern workforce will embrace. Create a trusting environment for both employees and managers to enable successful performance conversations, because performance is much more than an annual review score. (30 min.)

Legal Expense Plans Webinar

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Beginner Learn more about two terrific products that will positively impact your employees without any direct cost to your company.

LegalShield provides affordable access to top law firms throughout North America and gives your employees and their families peace of mind and confidence in dealing with everyday life events.

IDShield is a leading provider of Identity Theft protection and restoration by providing best in class identity monitoring services along with an unlimited service guarantee and $1 Million insurance reimbursement. (30 min.)

Unicorn/Deltek Partnership for Talent Management

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Beginner Cross-training and investing in your employees’ learning is essential for corporate growth and productivity. Businesses must invest in employee training and development to keep up with the ever-changing skill and competency requirements dictated by evolving industries. (30 min.)

Ready to Improve Your Recruiting and Hiring Process?

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Beginner With Unicorn HRO, you have the opportunity to organize all of your applicant data, including applications, assessments, screenings questions, notes, emails, and activity history, into a single candidate record that can be viewed and shared by Recruiters and Hiring Managers anytime. Every activity taken on a candidate record is recorded, keeping your team on track and accountable as candidates are managed through your process from application to hire. (30 min.)

What is My Workspace?

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Beginner/Intermediate Find out more about MyWorkspace in this training session. Users will learn how to create a workspace, how to use that workspace, and how it can benefit them. (30 min.)

Centralize and Secure Documentation

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Beginner/Intermediate Learn to upload, categorize, and secure documents and find out more about the benefits of electronic document storage. (30 min.)

Ad Hoc IBM Cognos 10: Part 2

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Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate/AdvancedBuilding on part one of a three-part series, this course outlines advanced reporting, and touches on report algorithms and formatting. (60 min.)

Ad Hoc IBM Cognos 10: Part 3

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Intermediate/Advanced The final course in a series of three, this class focuses on the benefits of a well-configured user dashboard, creating a reportable dashboard, and uploading custom dashboards to iCON. (45 min.)

Personalized Q&A

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All Levels This training will offer the clients the ability to ask questions about capabilities within iCON and ESS. Clients will receive feedback and help on the questions they have. (1 hr.)