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COBRA Management

Employee benefit packages are viewed as one of the most important aspects of compensation. But strict regulations cover the timing and content of COBRA notices when an employee departs, and this leaves employers faced with exposure to compliance issues. Unicorn HRO’s iCON solution helps businesses stay in compliance by monitoring changes that take place each payroll period and automating the entire COBRA process.

Unicorn HRO’s COBRA service features:

  • COBRA notifications are sent out timely and accurately
  • COBRA funds are collected directly from the enrollee and deposited to your bank account
  • Carrier communication to add/term/change coverage as necessary
  • Retiree billing
  • Resources for questions as they arise

Let Unicorn HRO’s iCON support your HR department and make sure that employee COBRA notices and payroll changes are accurately tracked and administered every time.

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COBRA Management

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