Changing Workforce and Technology Trends

By: Timothy Diassi, Senior Vice President at Unicorn HRO

Technology has increased our ability to interoperate, globally connect, and work with maximum efficiency. From finding the best candidates and evaluating prospective hires, to meeting employee needs and effectively communicating between employees and departments, human resources departments are using the latest technologies and tools to streamline HR processes. As technology continues to evolve, it’s being implemented in many different ways to accommodate changing workforce trends. People analytics, cloud-based storage, audio and video conferencing platforms, and wearables are just some of the technologies that are helping to improve HR workflows, talent recruiting, personnel engagement, and intraoffice communications.

Even some more complex HR tasks have been moved to digital platforms that allow manual operations to be performed much more accurately and quickly. Time-consuming, meticulous tasks such as payroll, time-clocking, employee feedback, and other workforce management processes are now much more easily managed with automation enabled by digital tools. As a single department may use many of these tools to perform individual tasks, technology is now enabling interoperability between these programs.

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