How HR can add a human side to automated recruitment

In the past few years, automated tools and systems have become much more utilized in the hiring process due to their efficiency and cost effectiveness.  Utilizing automation can make HR’s job much easier during the recruitment process. However, while such systems can be convenient for HR, they may have their downside in that job candidates might consider their application experience to be cold and detached.  In recent surveys, when discussing their experiences, many past job candidates doubted whether a human had even looked at their applications.  It is therefore important that HR enjoys the benefits of automation without becoming completely dependent on automated tools and systems. A good way to achieve this is to find ways to retain some human element to the recruitment process.

Choosing the right tools

It is always important to make the right choice when introducing automated tools or systems to the recruitment process. Ensure that they provide the most accurate assessment of candidate skills so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the best people to employ.  It is also important to have a seamless knowledge of how your automated system works so that HR staff can prevent common problems associated with automation. Examine various products on the market to see how they can help you to address the main pain points associated with your companies’ recruitment process.

Customize your system while providing availability for communication

Despite using automated processes, you can still offer job candidates a more personal approach. Consider adding a human element to your companies’ website by providing detailed pictures of your companies’ culture which communicate to potential candidates what it’s like to work for you.  Consider posting photos of your workplace on social media sites, as well as providing testimonials of employees who work at your company. Moreover, if candidates do apply, remember to keep in contact with them regularly, so they can feel that their application is being processed and looked over by a human eye.  Provide contact information on the recruitment section of the website in which candidates can communicate with HR staff directly during all stages of the recruitment process.

Automation or Human Contact?

While automation can be convenient for HR staff, it’s important to know that some situations call for human contact.  During the application process, HR staff should be able to answer questions via phone or email regarding the requirements of the job, as well as provide feedback to job candidates regarding their interviews.  Avoid using automation to tell candidates whether or not they have been hired, always do so directly via phone.  If certain candidates are unsuccessful, you will find that when speaking with others about their experience, that they will at least give credit to a company that contacted them directly to tell them why they did not get the job.  If a candidate is hired, contacting the candidate directly is the beginning of the relationship building process between the employer and employee.

Automation can provide convenience for HR staffers who need to lessen the burden of paperwork so that they can focus on higher level goals.  However, HR should not forget to add a human touch to their HR systems and processes and maintain the “human” in Human Resources.

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