How to Build an Employer Brand

The importance of having a strong brand is vital when it comes to recruitment. Companies with good branding have good reputations with potential workers, are competitive in their field and have a strong workplace culture which emphasizes employee growth. The highest quality workers want to work for a company that stands out among the rest and companies with strong branding achieve this. Here are 4 easy steps to help you to begin building your employer brand.

Learn what Employees Want

Although employee needs vary, many employees seek companies that offer opportunities for learning, development and growth. Companies which incorporate training, workshops, opportunities for job shadowing and for developing additional skills are attractive. This is because they allow employees to develop strong skill sets. Many companies invest large portions of their annual budget into staff training and development, building mentorship programs, and offer dedicated career advisors to help workers to progress within the company. This is a mutually beneficial approach in which companies begin to develop a workforce of multiskilled employees who can build their resume and remain competitive in their industries.

Managers who Motivate

Research indicates that a large percentage of workers choose to leave their managers, not their jobs. Personality conflicts, lack of recognition, lack of support and micromanaging by supervisors are some of the most common reasons for why employees quit. Companies which focus on their branding recognize the important role that their managers play in attracting and retaining workers. They tend to hire senior staff who are not only managers but who are also teachers and mentors. A good manager motivates their employees, helps to engage staff, provides individualized advice and career support. The good manager has a high degree of emotional intelligence as well as good communication, empathetic and coaching skills.

Employee Reviews

Just as people now tend to turn to research and buyer reviews before purchasing products, job candidates thoroughly research a potential employer’s reputation before they consider applying for a post. This includes looking at reviews given by current and previous employees. It is therefore important that companies ensure they have a good online brand. There is a lot that companies can do to achieve this, such as promoting their brand online via their website and third party sites. Companies should highlight the most attractive workplace benefits that they offer, such as flexible working hours, working from home policies and generous maternity leave. Although companies cannot control employee reviews, a good way to address even negative reviews is to respond to them in a diplomatic way. This shows current and potential employees that your company is accountable and works to address any concerns rather than ignore these.

What makes you unique?

One of the first steps to developing your brand is to learn what makes your company unique and stand apart from your competitors. A good place to start is by asking this question of your current employees, either in person or using staff questionnaires. Key questions to ask include determining what attracted staff to your company in the first place, what made them stay, what they find to be the most exciting things about working for your company, and which areas have room for improvement. This information can form the basis of your branding strategy.

Employer branding is not only about selling products and services, it is also a vital way to attract and retain high quality workers. A good branding strategy creates a company image and connects with potential employees on an emotional level. Companies with a solid branding strategy treat their job applicants just like their customers and actively sell themselves to workers by promoting their most positive points in order to attract workers and stand out among competitors.

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