HR Trends for 2017

With the ushering in of 2017, HR staffers are looking for new ways to improve company culture, especially in order to attract new talent for their business.  There are several new factors and developments on which they should be focusing.  These new trends can help them come up with cost-effective ideas to ensure the work balance requirements of employees.  Below are some trends for 2017 to which HR staffers should be paying attention.

Mid-Market Innovations

More affordable HR software means that cutting edge technology is no longer exclusive to larger corporations. Mid-market companies can now use this software to meet their HR needs.  Such tools mean that HR staffers at these businesses will be able to grow their company faster, while at the same time maintaining corporate culture, and finding the best workers for the job.  Better technology means that HR Professionals can better process data and information, such as People Analytics, which can help them come up with prediction models to improve their organization’s structure, provide the best hiring outcomes, and decrease attrition rates.

Less Focus on Corporate Perks

Corporate perks in the form of creature comforts has been a way that companies were able to attract Millennial employees in the past.  Time and experience shows that this is not an effective way to get top talent working at your company, as even the best perks do not guarantee loyal employees.  Instead, Millennials want more opportunities for workplace collaboration as well as mentoring from senior management to hone their skills.  HR staff should also focus on communicating to Millennial employees what the goals and values of the company are, as these workers care about whether or not the values of the company reflect their own.

More Focus on Employee Experience Goals

In the past, HR staffers have put great emphasis on employee engagement in order to generate better performance and productivity, although many companies have found this difficult to accomplish.  Many companies are now trying to enhance the employee experience in order to better engage workers.  Using tools such as company culture surveys might be an effective way to find out what employees think of their company and its goals.

Development and Coaching

Previously, employee reviews were used to provide feedback to workers on their performance.  However, this traditional approach has been thought to negatively affect engagement and worker satisfaction, even if positive feedback is given.  HR staffers instead need to consider moving more towards a coaching culture that encourages regular feedback, growth opportunities, and skill development for employees. Coaching methods can take the form of asking open ended questions as well as providing new opportunities for employees to gain new skills.

2017 is a year in which HR staffers should consider looking at new ways and approaches to enhance their company’s culture.  By doing so, they can best assess what they need to do to attract new talent, improve company performance and productivity, and better realize their company’s vision moving forward.

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