Mobile Workforce Management Through HR Self-Service Portals

By: Tim Diassi, Senior Vice President at Unicorn HRO

Five different generations—from baby boomers to Generation Z—currently make up the modern workforce. This evolution has significantly changed workforce needs and expectations. Today, employees demand the flexibility to work on projects at any time, from anywhere. Now more than ever, remote working has become crucial to ensure the health and safety of every employee during the coronavirus pandemic. To keep teams engaged and maximize productivity as they work from home, county and municipal government entities must adopt new technologies and mobile tools.

However, the mobile workforce also presents new challenges and opportunities for Human Capital Management (HCM) departments as employees also expect to have access to, and manage, their information (such as payroll, benefits, insurance, and timesheets) at all times. There are so many processes and tasks associated with managing HR each day; especially when administration and payroll is far more involved for unionized police forces, public works, and other government employees. From tracking attendance, overtime, vacation and personal time off, to bonuses, raises, employee performance and reviews, there are a substantial number of rules to consider and manage. Not to mention administering healthcare, medical benefits, and other wellness programs, in addition to compliance and reporting.

Fortunately, cloud-based self-service portals make it simple for HCM departments to manage the needs of their mobile workforces while improving employee satisfaction, reducing workload, and increasing ease-of-use for all involved. Self-service HCM solutions can cover a variety of tasks including paystub management, direct deposit confirmations, benefits enrollment, and expense reporting. By embedding and automating HR practices into applications that government employees use every day, HR “systems of record” are becoming “systems of engagement” – all while providing executive management with real-time information to understand trends and make informed business decisions. Let’s look at some of the core HR functions that self-service portals can streamline.

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