Wellness in the Workplace – The Whys and Hows

If you're like most good employers, you realize that your company's most valuable assets are its employees.  Without them, after all, your business would grind to a halt and essentially implode upon itself.  That's only one reason that so many different companies are taking an active part in promoting wellness in the workplace.  Taking a closer look the various benefits of wellness in the workplace as well as learning more about just how to introduce wellness in the workplace efforts could help you see that there are a wide range of reasons as well as a number of ways to promote wellness in the workplace. 

There are two main reasons that you should think about implementing wellness in the workplace programs.

  • A recent study from 2008 found that seventy four percent of companies added wellness in the workplace programs to help reduce health care related costs. Those costs manifest themselves in higher insurance premiums in most cases, but also in loss of productivity and profit due to illness and injury related absences.  Focusing on wellness in the workplace can help avoid these problems.  You'll deal with fewer sick days, lower insurance rates and much more. 
  • Employees who feel better will have more energy and better motivation.  Not only will wellness in the workplace programs help them feel better, but they'll also feel like you really care about their health and about them.  It's a great way to boost morale and even improve productivity.

While those two factors are the biggest benefits of fostering wellness in the workplace, there is literally no end to the different ways that you can go about doing so.

  • Simple things like stocking vending machines with healthy snacks and drinks can promote wellness in the workplace easily.
  • Operating a tobacco free facility is a good idea for everyone's health as well.
  • While you don't have to necessarily implement an in-business exercise routine, you can still promote exercise and boost overall wellness in the workplace.  One good way to do so is to offer discounted memberships to a local gym or even to add a small workout room with a few pieces of exercise equipment to your building.  Both options may boost employee fitness and promote good wellness in the workplace.
  • Try to decide on some incentives to help promote wellness in the workplace.  This could mean covering an additional percentage of insurance costs when employees meet certain health measurements, for example.

Wellness in the workplace is easier to obtain than most realize, and is also a worthwhile endeavor that your individual employees will benefit from along with your company as a whole.  Take a closer look at the benefits and how to reach them, and you'll likely see why it matters so much.



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