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Talent Management Solutions

Maximize the possibilities for your most valuable assets – your people and organizational goals.

Unicorn HRO + Deltek Talent

Navigating talent gets complicated. Recruiting, on-boarding, developing, compensating, and tracking employees creates complexities and doesn’t allow for human resource departments to make the best use of their time.

Unicorn HRO has partnered with Deltek to offer its state of the art Talent Management System to help manage the employee lifecycle. The solution is completely integrated with single sign on to eliminate multiple entry and adhere to a single employee record.

Talent Acquisition

Hiring and obtaining engaged employees has always been a time consuming and daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With Unicorn HRO + Deltek, organizations source talent faster and smarter, enabling teams to hire more people with resources that are freed up when using our integrated software.

Streamline Recruitment & Onboarding

  • Automate recruitment workflow electronically

  • Monitor responsiveness of job postings

  • On-board new hires quickly

  • Launch employee referral programs for added engagement

Talent Learning

Investing in employees’ learning is essential not only for their growth but also for the growth of the organization in your evolving industry. Plan, track, and measure learning and certifications for staff through an efficient online solution.

Your Organization Will Benefit From:

  • The ability to coordinate learning programs for new hires or continued professional development

  • Keeping track of all internal and external certifications along with their expiration dates

  • Managing resources by keep an inventory of online and physical items; track those resources by which employee has utilized it last

  • The possibility to uncover hidden skills and competencies of employees through allowing them to record training received prior to joining the company

Talent Performance

Increase accountability and visibility within your organization by automating and tracking the workflow performance and appraisal process. When creating a goal alignment, tracking, and employee coaching system better results can be achieved.

Your Organization Will Benefit From:

  • An integrated with single sign on to eliminate multiple entry and adhere to a single employee record.

  • Focusing less on “result only” and moving toward identifying strengths of staff and applying them where they work best

  • Enterprise-wide technology that provides consistency throughout your organization

  • Resources to help your managers coach and develop valuable talent

  • Improved communication between managers and employees by fostering a positive and effective working relationship

Are you ready to streamline your HR and talent management approach?