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Simplify payroll workflows with iCON’s one-click automated process. Our cloud-based payroll solution delivers access to your payroll data at any time, from anywhere, while removing the burdens that come with processing and distributing checks, vouchers, and W-2s. Designed by Unicorn HRO developers with over 35 years of experience, iCON’s flexible payroll services enable you to view your payroll calendar and pay dates, select a pay group/department/legal entity for payroll process­ing, check payroll setup, review status and results, and access reports.

As we do with every product and service we offer, Unicorn HRO helps you find the best solution for your specific needs. Choose to outsource your payroll and tax filing to Unicorn HRO or choose to process payroll in-house with a few simple clicks.

Benefits include:

  • Access for unlimited users
  • Calculation of complex payroll wages
  • Issuance of off-cycle checks
  • Multiple companies in a single process
  • Ability to void payments easily
  • Ability to calculate complex payroll wages (eg. shift premiums, overtime, garnishments)
  • Integration with time and labor data
  • Ability to set up earning and deduction codes to be future dated
  • Ability to generate direct deposit files and paychecks
  • The delivery of U.S. federal, state, and local tax updates
  • Access to our tax management system which will help you to handle tax compliance and computations, including multi-state taxing rules and reciprocity

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