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Applicant Tracking

Unicorn HRO’s iCON platform can help HR departments work efficiently and effectively by automating many of the routine administrative tasks that are part of the recruiting and hiring process.

Let our systems quickly post available positions and job descriptions to all the leading job sites. Unicorn HRO can help you eliminate tedious entry steps and avoid errors. Applicants can apply online or from a mobile device, and HR staff can monitor activity with simple, powerful reporting, and quickly zero in on the highest potential talent. Hiring managers have access to potential candidate information from anywhere and at any time, eliminating communication bottlenecks. And, the system can keep track of candidate progress through all stages of the evaluation process.

When the best candidate gets the job, information from the Application Tracking System (ATS) moves directly into iCON and kicks off the Onboarding process. Unicorn HRO eliminates duplicate entry of information which increases efficiency, reduces the risk of errors, and ensures your new hires are productive from day one.

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Applicant Tracking

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