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Time and Attendance

The iCON Workforce Management solution can be configured to meet virtually any business scenario with versatile reporting and analysis functionality that delivers keen insight into almost every aspect of employee time and attendance data, activity patterns, and anticipated changes. Workforce Management simplifies the processes of aggregating and analyzing attendance and production data, staff schedules, benefit accruals, and time tracking records through advanced automation. It provides advanced data synchronization ensuring that all payroll and HR related applications run in parallel, ultimately allowing managers to quickly identify exception-based occurrences, analyze the data collected, and forecast overtime. And Workforce Management is easy to implement and use, ensuring fast roll-out and system acceptance.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Attendance tracking
  • Automatic population of company holidays
  • Automatic time off notifications
  • Data capture with alternative timesheet formats
  • Pay rules for virtually any work environment
  • Testing of benefit accrual rules before execution
  • Payroll integration
  • PTO approval
  • Scheduling

Another powerful time and labor solution is iCON Workforce Mobile™, which allows authorized users to access your organization’s Workforce Central® system via smart phone or other mobile device. It allows management to quickly detect and respond to potential workforce management issues, and employees to perform time management tasks and submit requests – streamlining workflow processes and increasing overall efficiency.

Time and Attendance

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