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HR Service Programs

Staying in compliance with federal, state and local regulations can be a daunting task. Even seasoned human resource professionals are challenged by staying up to date with ever-changing laws, managing personnel, and focusing on corporate initiatives. Mistakes can be costly, and may result in the assessment of fines, penalties, or even lawsuits. Many companies find that it makes sense to work with outsourced HR Professionals who work in tandem with their HR department to improve compliance, employee engagement and productivity, and workforce profitability.

Unicorn HRO HR Services come in two sizes – Virtual Support or HR Premium Services. Clients using either of these services have access to an online resource platform, and can self-service topics such as:

  • State and Federal unemployment laws
  • HR Topics
  • Training Library
  • HR Forms, Checklist, and Guides
  • HR Fitness Test

Virtual Support is provided through an On-Demand live helpline from 8am – 8pm EST. Clients can call or chat online to ask questions, seek guidance on HR related issues, or receive help with written documentation such as an employee handbook.

HR Premium Services provides one-on-one support through a dedicated HR Pro who works with you to assess your compliance risk, and then aids you in the execution of a plan to bring your organization to the next level. Services include:

  • Initial HR Audit
  • Policy review
  • Revision/creation of Employee Handbook
  • Job descriptions
  • Document storage compliance
  • Job application compliance
  • Harassment prevention training
  • Performance Management program analysis
  • So much more!
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