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We make managing the complexities of benefits administration, payroll and human resources easy

Creating a positive learning environment for today’s students starts with your personnel. From teachers, administrators, and medical staff to the counselors, facilities management, and maintenance crews, it takes a proverbial village to educate tomorrow’s leaders.

Now more than ever, with all the complexities associated with running your organization, it is important to partner with the right software company that understands how to address and solve your challenges.

Unicorn HRO understands your challenges. Since 1982, we have specialized in providing human capital management services to the education industry. Serving – both public and private schools, from elementary and middle to high school – we have the experience and expertise to manage the complexities associated with benefits, payroll, and human resource operations.

Our iCON platform can be configured to suit your unique needs, especially intricate payrolls with full- and part-time employees, coaches, adjunct teachers, and overtime. Additionally, our HCM specialists can provide guidance to ensure compliance with the ever-changing tax laws and industry regulations.

Benefits Administration


Human Resources

Designed for Schools

  • Easy calculation and payment of stipend payments – paid out weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly based on your specific requirements

  • Pay & Taxation based on 10 months rather than a 12-month standard calendar year

  • Multiple rates of pay: teaching, coaching, special events

  • Automated entitlement accruals such as sick, vacation, and personal time

  • Easy recruiting & onboarding process for both your full time and part time employees

  • Cloud-based application, no hardware or software infrastructure is needed

  • Employee self-service portal gives administrators and faculty 24/7 access to their personal information

  • Track performance reviews, contracts, disciplinary actions, turnover reasons, licenses, training, permits, EEO, workers’ compensation information, 1-9 information, skills, languages, education history, and FMLA

  • Background checks, Pass the Trash reporting


The ABCs of a Single-Source HRIS

How schools can automate all aspects of benefits administration and payroll.

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The Unicorn Difference

  • Industry expertise – we understand the laws and labor regulations applicable to the education market.
  • Open to customization – we can tailor our iCON platform to suit your unique business needs.

  • Local – based in New Jersey, we can service your business with personal attention.

  • Dedicated support personnel – help is always a phone call away.



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