Embracing Automation To Streamline Core HR Functions

A well-oiled HR department is key to the success of a company. HR departments help operations run smoothly by taking care of the most valuable part of any size organization – its employees – while reinforcing company culture. By managing the entire employee lifecycle from onboarding to retirement and everything in between, HR departments ensure employee satisfaction and engagement which, in turn, results in increased business productivity.

However, managing every aspect of an employee’s needs is no simple task. From benefits enrollment to payroll to reporting, HR administration processes are complex and time-consuming, to say the least. To streamline and automate these processes, many organizations are replacing manual, paper-based processes with cloud-based software and mobile technology.

Implementing a centralized HR platform provides real-time information for executives to understand personnel trends and gives employees more control of the services offered to them, including self-service options. Additionally, automating HR tasks allows organizations to be more proactive. The strategic objective is to transform a system of HR/payroll/benefits management into a platform of engagement that unifies human resources departments, employees and employers.

Frank Diassi, Chairman at Unicorn HRO and Managing General Partner for The Unicorn Group, discussed how to create a fully automated HR department on HR.com. Read his article here.

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