Tackling Human Capital Management Challenges Through Analytics And Metrics

Human capital management (HCM) solutions have become indispensable – making life easier for HR staff as they reduce day-to-day paperwork and streamline business processes.

Such a solution can help human resources (HR) staff perform a variety of functions, from benefits administration to payroll, as well as recruiting and job training, all-in-one centralized system. It can also help managers track and assess metrics and determine trends regarding new hires, employee retention, revenue, and performance.

Understanding the functions offered by an HCM solution and the metrics that can be measured enables managers to make better business decisions based on detailed insights and analytics.

Frank Diassi, Chairman at Unicorn HRO and Managing General Partner for The Unicorn Group, discussed key metrics that HR teams can gain from an HCM solution on HR.com. Read his article here.

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