Administrative Complexities Solved by Automation

By: Timothy Diassi, Senior Vice President at Unicorn HRO

From hiring to retiring and everything in between, human resources teams are deluged with process requirements that can be cumbersome to manage and subject to human error when done manually. Adding to the complexity are legislative rules and regulations which an employer must comply with or risk penalty.

By leveraging the power of HR cloud technologies, specifically SaaS-based solutions and mobility, HR departments can transform the chaos of day-to-day operations and more efficiently manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle. These technologies comprise automation capabilities that eliminate paper-based processes and deliver key advantages in important areas of operations including payroll administration, employee engagement, recruiting, and healthcare management.

Payroll Administration

Human capital management (HCM) solutions create efficiencies by simplifying and automating virtually every process associated with employee lifecycle management such as complex payroll wages.

Cloud-based payroll solutions deliver access to payroll data at any time, from anywhere, while removing the burdens that come with processing and distributing checks, vouchers, and W-2s. Overtime, garnishments, bonuses, and raises can all be conveniently calculated while tax computations and reporting are completed with ease.

Aggregating and analyzing staff schedules, benefit accruals, and time tracking records is simplified and, when integrated with various HR and business applications, processes can be synchronized to ensure accuracy.

Employee Engagement and Collaboration

Issues such as remote work, mobility, and work/life balance have HR professionals scrambling to find attractive and viable solutions that will foster employee satisfaction and retention.

To keep employees engaged while they are working remotely, businesses have implemented tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack to communicate, collaborate, and sustain a positive office culture – even from home. These tools have allowed companies to offer flexible work from home schedules, which has been proven to promote employee satisfaction and foster loyalty.

Today’s workforce also wants autonomous control. One avenue for fulfilling this need is by providing a framework for employee self-service capabilities via online or with mobile devices. This gives employees access to view and update their own personal data such as paystubs, benefits, expense reports, and time-off requests.

By embedding and automating HR practices into applications that employees use every day, HR “systems of record” are becoming “systems of engagement” – all while providing executive management with real-time information to understand trends and make informed business decisions.

Timothy Diassi, Senior Vice President of sales, marketing, and partnerships at Unicorn HRO, discussed how automation can solve administrative complexities in HR Future Magazine. Read the full article here.

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