Introducing Our New Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal

One-Click Access to Manage All Types of Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits Information

We’re pleased to introduce our radically redesigned Employee Self Service (ESS) portal for the ICON HR platform. The new web-based ESS portal provides employees with a central dashboard and one-click access to a broad range of human resources, payroll, and benefits information.

Utilizing the latest software development technology, the ESS portal is accessible on any device, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Significant modifications have been made to the ESS menus and navigation, making the solution more intuitive and easier to use.

Better Self-Service

The ESS portal provides numerous benefits for employees such as the consolidation of information and web pages into one user-friendly access point. Employees can change personal data, enter time worked, print out pay slips, and enroll in employer benefits. As a result, employees spend less time looking for the information they need, therefore improving productivity and efficiency.

Frictionless Processes

HR departments are inundated with all types of requests, from days off to changes to payroll and healthcare benefits. Research from McKinsey shows that typical HR departments still spend close to 60 percent of their time and resources on transactional and operational HR. ESS provides a range of tools for employees to expedite processes and/or eliminate the need to get HR personnel involved, freeing up time for them to support other business-critical functions.

Employee Benefits

Onboarding new employees and managing benefits enrollment can be time-consuming. The ESS platform streamlines open enrollment processes by allowing employees to make their own selections and calculations, based on employer-directed options. This is all integrated with payroll, making ESS one seamless portal.

Additionally, preconfigured life events pages make it easy for employees to update their account as a result of marriage, divorce, and birth or adoption of a child.

Improved Data and Reporting

By providing a central platform, the ESS portal can help standardize processes, improve data quality, reduce errors, and enhance reporting.

Learn more about the Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal here.

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