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Middlesex College Selects Unicorn HRO to Automate Healthcare Enrollment

College Utilizing iCON HR Platform to Manage Medical and Dental Carrier Information More Efficiently and Streamline New Employee Enrollment Processes

Florham Park, N.J., (March 8, 2022) – Unicorn HRO, an industry leader offering fully integrated human resources, benefits, and payroll solutions, today announced that it has been selected by Middlesex College to automate healthcare and benefits enrollment processes.

Utilizing the Benefits Administration module within the iCON platform, Middlesex College has been able to manage medical and dental carrier information more efficiently as well as automate Open Enrollment. As a result, productivity has significantly improved, and the college’s HR staff spends less time on paperwork and manual data entry. Additionally, iCON offers interfaces to various insurance carriers which helps improve data synchronization and record keeping accuracy.

Unicorn HRO’s Benefits Administration solution eliminates redundant information entry and streamlines the new employee enrollment process while facilitating benefit plan changes that occur throughout the year and during annual open enrollment periods. As future effective dates are monitored within the application, the time-consuming process of managing payroll deductions is eliminated.

“We are pleased Middlesex College selected us to help manage employee healthcare plans and benefits more efficiently,” said Frank Diassi, Chairman at Unicorn HRO. iCON simplifies employee benefits administration through automation while virtually eliminating the chance of manual errors and lowering operating costs.”

“Implementing iCON was seamless and Unicorn’s onboarding team helped our entire HR department get acquainted with the solution quickly,” said Joe Morgan, Executive Director of Human Resources at Middlesex College. “Now, we can effectively manage employee benefits and reduce operational costs by eliminating repetitive, manual administrative tasks,” Morgan added.

Managing employee healthcare plans, benefits, and open enrollment can be cumbersome and time-consuming. As a fully integrated suite of HR solutions, iCON automates and simplifies human capital management workflow processes, from hiring, onboarding, and administration through separation.

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