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Unicorn HRO Partners with Frontline Employee Solutions to Offer Employee-based COVID-19 Tracking

With the rapid global spread of coronavirus, companies should focus first and foremost on employee safety. And as they’re reviewing their strategies, policies, and procedures, many leaders are specifically wondering about their legal risk. Not having adequate communicable-illness policies and response plans could expose them to a laundry list of HR-related legal concerns.

Most countries have laws designed to protect employees from physical harm at work. In the United States, employees are protected under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, so if an employee becomes infected at work, in some circumstances the employer may face penalties. Unprepared employers may be exposed to lawsuits related to workers’ compensation, invasion of privacy, discrimination, unfair labor practice, and negligence.

Frontline Employee Solutions, (FES) is the FES FIX, that serves as the “Easy Button” for your organization to keep your workplace healthy and COVID- compliant.

  • OSHA Compliance
  • Infectious Disease Prevention Plan
  • EASY Pre-Screening Software – 6 Simple Yes or No questions
  • For Only $2 Per Employee, Per Month
  • Turn the Center of Disease Control (CDC) into your Company Daily Compliance
  • FES gives you Tools you must have to comply with OSHA, Federal, State and Local mandates
  • Efficient – Customized and Proactive
  • Easily Deployed – Launch Day One
  • Adaptive – Choose English or Spanish, Simple – For Employees to use via smartphone or kiosk
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