Unicorn HRO Provides Employers Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance Module

Unicorn HRO, an industry leader in benefits, payroll and HR solutions, today announced it is providing employers with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance module.

“The complexities of the ACA and its numerous regulations are creating significant challenges for our employer clients,” said Anthony Pascazio, CEO and President of Unicorn HRO. “Our ACA compliance module and services seamlessly integrate with our payroll and benefits systems and deliver a user-friendly and comprehensive solution that eliminates complexity, mitigates the risk of noncompliance penalties, and helps organizations control costs.”

Unicorn HRO’s unique combination of powerful software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology with a full-service lineup, including:

  •         Employee notifications of health benefit options
  •         Health benefit outplacement for part-time employees
  •         Health exchange inquiry verification management
  •         The ACA compliance module (SaaS) delivers:

         – Variable hour employee tracking and management
         – Health benefit budgets and targets down to department level and proactive alerts to scheduling managers
         -Compliance testing on subsidiary-by-subsidiary basis including 50 FTE rule, 95% rule, applicable safe harbors
         -A full audit trail allowing organizations to recreate their compliance status and benefits eligibility by employee at any point in the past – crucial when appealing penalty calculations from the IRS
         -Modeling and decision support, helping HR departments test alternatives and optimize plan design and eligibility thresholds
         -Internal and governmental reporting

“Unicorn HRO is proactively helping employers to control costs, manage compliance risk, and educate employees surrounding the ACA,” said Frank P. Diassi, Chairman of Unicorn HRO. “Our integration with Unicorn HRO’s benefit and payroll data provides a view of each organization’s compliance status, forward-looking variable hour employee benefits eligibility, and potential financial impact. Together, we equip every customer with the ability to manage their benefits eligible population and help those that are not eligible to secure benefits through the exchanges.”

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